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Whatever the kind of tank that a company or individual requires, they have long grown used to expecting the highest standard of tank design, development and manufacture from a company, Tuffa (, that has a track record stretching back more than a quarter of a century. That is certainly the case with its chemical tanks, which are made to the customer’s exact specifications and accompanied by various fittings and accessories, ensuring the safe and successful storage of de-icer, antifreeze, AdBlue, sodium hydrochloride and other chemicals.

However specialised the client’s needs from a chemical storage tank are, orders are regularly placed with Tuffa in the knowledge that the firm designs, manufactures and tests its tanks in-house at its own works in Uttoxeter, and follows the relevant guidelines for various chemicals, while using materials economically to minimise manufacturing costs. But it is the inventiveness with which Tuffa meets the most specific needs that may especially impress, as demonstrated by its recent manufacture and delivery of three bespoke steel tanks to a leading white minerals and chemicals supplier.

For this client, Tuffa manufactured two 10000SB steel bunded tanks and one 20000SB steel bunded tank for three different types of mineral oil. With the client having an existing on-site green fuel tank, it asked for each of these three new chemical tanks to be of a different colour – brown, dark grey and white – and sure enough, a premium quality paint finish was applied. A stainless steel inner was also incorporated into one of the 10000 litre tanks, while all three tanks featured two 2″ BSP outlet connections, one 2″ BSP inlet connection with ball valve, a 240V bund and overfill alarm and a lockable fill point cabinet.

But that client was far from the only one to benefit from Tuffa’s most in-depth chemical tank expertise, with another assignment involving the supply to a Northern Ireland based authority of two 15000VB linked de-icer tanks – 50 per cent potassium acetate – for the maintenance of public roads, equating to a 30,000 litre total capacity. An armco protection barrier and access ladders were fitted to each tank, along with a platform enabling manway access. The client also benefitted from a suitable pump of around 200lpm, while a flowmeter with totaliser measured the amount of product dispensed into the de-icer vehicles.

Then, there was the time when Tuffa supplied Ryanair with four aircraft de-icer tanks, allowing the airline’s fleet to continue operating from Stansted Airport without a hitch in the most wintry, freezing conditions. Tuffa custom made these bunded chemical tanks from MDPE, ensuring greater compatibility with the industry standard Kilfrost de-icing fluids than the standard mild steel tanks that might have otherwise been considered. Such tanks were ideal for the busy and hazardous airport environment, having been designed to minimise the chances of spillage or leaks, and once again demonstrated Tuffa’s ( ability to cater for any and every client need.