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Steel tanks have long been one of our proudest specialities here at Tuffa. While many may find our plastic storage tanks to be more than sufficient for their requirements on account of such advantages as their light weight, durability, ease of transportation and corrosion resistance, for some, it is steel tanks that are even more suitable. The basic benefits of our steel tanks apply equally strongly to our acclaimed assortment of steel oil tanks.

Such benefits include the maximum flexibility with regard to the dimensions in which the tanks can be manufactured in order to suit customer requirements, as well as the only high quality steel that is used. Indeed, our steel oil tanks win rave reviews for their considerable design versatility, with nearly any set of needs able to be catered for. It is to this end that various steel finishes and colours can also be incorporated into your final oil tank.

However, Tuffa’s steel oil tanks also have the basics more than covered for this product category, a minimum bund capacity of 110 per cent ensuring compliance with the regulations, and premium ancillary equipment being fitted to address even the most specialised customer needs. Customers are welcome to browse the current range of standard steel oil tanks on the Tuffa website for a better appreciation of their specification.

That standard range begins with the 1100SB, which offers such features as a 2″ BSP fill point complete with cap and chain located on top of the tank, in addition to a float level gauge, vent, overfill prevention gauge, channel runners and lifting lugs. This is before one considers an extensive selection of optional extras, with a small fill cabinet, 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection, tank pack and electronic level gauge being just some of them.

However, if there is one other reason to approach Tuffa about steel oil tanks, it is the comprehensive range of possibilities in this area that can be brought into being by our in-depth storage tank development expertise. We can offer multi-compartment steel tanks, for instance, that enable the storage of two or more liquids within one tank. Even tanks comprising a combination of steel and plastic can be requested and manufactured in accordance with specific customer needs.

Steel oil tanks really can come in the widest range of sizes and specifications when they are purchased from the leading name in such storage solutions, Tuffa.