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The storage of such chemicals as AdBlue, de-icer, anti-freeze, calcium nitrate, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid necessitates the right chemical storage tank, as can be ordered from Tuffa. There’s no better company from which to source such a tank, given its formidable quarter century of experience in the design and manufacture of the most specialised liquid storage and dispensing equipment.

Not only can a Tuffa chemical storage tank be supplied for the above liquids, but we are also highly rated for our tanks storing pesticides and biocidal products such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, animal and bird repellents, rodenticides, wood and masonry preservatives, disinfectants and anti-fouling products.

Those ordering a chemical storage tank from Tuffa benefit from the highest quality products as well as impeccable customer service. Our in-house design, manufacture and testing of such storage tanks at our Uttoxeter works enables us to create bulk storage containers of the most exacting specifications for whatever application you may have in mind.

Tuffa does not only create chemical storage tanks for your own specific requirements, but also works closely with major chemical suppliers to ensure that the resultant tanks satisfy their guidelines with regard to how their products can be safely stored and handled. Manufacturing costs are minimised through our standardisation of designs around the economical use of materials, and we offer tanks that are suitable for both above and below ground installations.

You have various options when ordering a chemical storage tank from Tuffa. Capacities that can be specified for a single unit range from 1,350 litres to 15,000 litres, with interlinking enabling even larger capacities to be obtained. In addition, while Tuffa chemical tanks are black as standard, other colours are often available. Other optional extras that can be specified include various gauge systems, access ladders and platforms and armco protection barriers.

Nonetheless, even those choosing the most standard Tuffa chemical storage tank can benefit from a formidable specification. Tanks can also be supplied for the storage of animal by-products, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, oils, waste and agricultural products, and an integral bund ensures the safer storage of the broadest range of chemicals. Call us now about a chemical tank that answers your most pressing storage requirements.