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We can provide you with a choice of transport, delivery, installation and service options.

At Tuffa UK we have a network of independent tank installation teams. We can arrange transport, delivery and installation providing you with a dedicated installation expert. Our installer will liaise directly with you and ensure your tank is correctly set up, tested and fully functional.
Also we offer service packages to help you maintain your tank. Various options are available including a monthly payment plan so you don’t have to pay in one lump sum. Regular servicing is recommended to keep your tank working at optimum efficiency as well as prolonging its useful life.
The life of a storage tank can be upwards of 20 years so keeping it in fully working order is of paramount importance. Our storage solutions are built to last however prolonged usage can cause component wear and if your tank is critical to your business processes then regular servicing can give you peace of mind. In addition keeping a regular check on the storage solution for signs of tampering can avoid a problem in the future.
You can choose optional service packages that can be tailored to your own products, usage and requirements. Please call our Service Team on 01889 567700 or contact us here to find out more.
Inspection of open bunded tanks
Inspection by Competent Person
Inspections should be undertaken by a competent person that is receiving a delivery of product on every fill prior to and whilst filling.
This inspection should include:
• The fill point arrangement for soundness and leaks
• Any outlet valves should be checked for leaks and operation (open and close successfully)
• The testing of contents gauge, any high level/overfill alarm and bund alarm
• If vents can be seen that they are clear and unblocked and free of debris
• A visual inspection around the tank with emphasis on the base of the tank. The inspection for plastic tanks should include any deformation of the surface of the tank i.e. excessive bulging, change in colour due to chemical attack, crazing or stress fractures. The inspection of steel tanks should include looking for evidence of rust and heavy corrosion, damp patches on seams & seam fractures
• Bund to be visually inspected for soundness and integrity, water, spilt product, or other debris
Inspection of totally enclosed bunded tanks
Visual inspection of a totally enclosed bunded tank can be difficult due to the close proximity of the inner tank and the bund. A bunded tank must have an alarm fitted and the inspection would indicate that an alarm must be functioning correctly. It is preferential that if the alarm activator can be withdrawn and tested this would be preferred. If an alarm sequence has never been activated this would give signs that the inner tank is still sound.

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