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Tuffa offer a range of petrol tanks, perfect for businesses looking for a safe and reliable petrol storage solution. Our selection of petrol tanks are manufactured from high-quality mild steel to deliver a design life in excess of 20 years.

1250 Litre PT - PowerPump & Meter
  • Length : 1650mm
  • Width : 1425mm
  • Height : 4500mm

1250 Litre Petrol Tank

1950 Litre Petrol Tank
  • Length : 2800mm
  • Width : 1400mm
  • Height : 4500mm

1850 Litre Petrol Tank

2500 Litre PT - PowerPump & Meter
  • Length : 2980mm
  • Width : 1740mm
  • Height : 4500mm

2500 Litre Petrol Tank

3000 Litre PT - PowerPump & Meter
  • Length : 2980mm
  • Width : 1980mm
  • Height : 4500mm

3000 Litre Petrol Tank



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Frequently Asked Questions

Above-ground petrol storage tanks are ideal for those who consume petrol in such quantities where jerry cans, small petrol dispensers or bowsers have an insufficient storage capacity and are impractical. We have manufactured petrol tanks for a huge range of industries and enterprises from construction to country estates.

Find out how we have helped the likes of Northamptonshire Golf Club acquire a petrol storage solution to help keep their greens pristine here. 

Mobile bowsers, large jerry cans and small dispensers (available in capacities up to 100 litres) are suitable for low-capacity usage. Above ground petrol tanks (available in capacities from 1000-3000 litres) and below ground petrol tanks (available in capacities from 2000 to 100000 litres) are suitable for those using a high capacity of petrol and each have their own benefits.

Find out more about the types of petrol storage available here.

The storage and procurement of petrol in the UK is regulated and storing more than 275 litres of petrol is not possible without first obtaining a petroleum certificate from your local authority petroleum officer. Depending on the site location this will vary.

Find out more about petrol storage regulations here.