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With its highly professional and personable service, not to mention extensive resources and a considerable commitment to the supply of the very best water tanks, Tuffa is seasoned at catering for a wide range of requirements. The company’s water tanks are routinely used for applications of a domestic, commercial, agricultural, horticultural and irrigation nature, with many of the most exact needs able to be catered for by a selection of optional extras and even complete bespoke systems.

Water tanks have existed long before Tuffa, however, with the need for them being as old as civilised man. Over the years, they have been used for such purposes as food preparation, chemical manufacturing, fire suppression and – of course – the provision of drinking water. Such parameters as the general design of a water tank and the construction materials chosen allow it to cater for these specific needs, with Tuffa water tanks, for example, able to cater for various Specific Gravities of contents when they are manufactured with increased wall thicknesses.

There are various materials that can be used to make water tanks, including plastic, steel, fibreglass, stone and concrete – with Tuffa specialising in the former two. Indeed, Tuffa’s plastic storage tanks are made from recyclable polyethylene and are suitably tough and durable, while the company also manufactures bespoke water tanks in either galvanised or stainless steel, allowing customers to benefit from a reliable product with a tough coating and a long life. Durable materials are vital for water tanks, especially if the water is to be exiting the tank at high pressures, as the last thing the customer requires is the formation of cracks due to the strong force exerted.

One particular type of water tank used in the wider world is the ‘water tower’, which is constructed at a high altitude to make the most of the force of gravity for pressure. By creating and making use of large pressures, these water towers can ensure the even and successful dispersal of water across a town. The history of water towers can be traced back to the industrial revolution, and using them ensures that there is sufficient pressure with the water supply to provide multiple-story buildings with water. Water towers also ensure the exertion of sufficient pressure through taps and other water fixtures.

Water tanks have long proved their worth in natural disasters such as severe storms, hurricanes or earthquakes. Many are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring the continued safe storage of water in the event of power and plumbing problems. In many parts of the world, water is scarce, with water tanks proving a valuable lifeline – even being stored underground in some cases, to protect against the damage that extreme conditions can bring. Through all manner of areas of everyday life and industry, water tanks provide a vital service, and Tuffa is proud to offer some of the best in the industry.