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Tuffa can trace its history back more than 25 years, and for all of that period of time, it has been manufacturing above ground water tanks. If there’s any company that you should turn to, therefore, for the complete solutions for the storage of potable or non-potable (process) water, it is Tuffa. We know how to design and create water tanks that fulfil even the most demanding and specialised of requirements.

Although it isn’t always easy to decide on the right specification of water tank for your given domestic, commercial, horticultural, agricultural, industrial or irrigation application, our experts are always on hand to guide you through the options. Those options include, at the most basic level, plastic or steel – while we stock many fine plastic water tanks in capacities of up to 20,500 litres, our galvanised steel tanks can be manufactured on a bespoke basis in whatever dimensions or capacity you require.

Whichever material option you choose, though, both our plastic and steel water tanks offer exceptional strength and durability. Made from recyclable polyethylene, our plastic water tanks are also corrosion resistant, UV stabilised and maintenance free. Opt for a Tuffa steel water tank, meanwhile, and you’ll get such benefits as a tough coating, exceptional longevity and therefore the lowest long-term cost.

As well as those aforementioned fundamental choices, however, you will also need to decide on certain finer specification points when you order one of our Tuffa water tanks. These encompass multiple sizes and connections of both inlets and outlets, including ball float valves, calmed inlets, overflows and backflow prevention, isolation valves and pumping units.

You are also welcome to ask us about such water management options as automated pumping systems and water level indicator alarms, the availability of these being yet another demonstration of our commitment to cater for those with every conceivable need from a water tank. Don’t forget, though, that with the likes of an inspection hatch and manway access being provided as standard on many models, you may not need to invest in many more features beyond the basic specification.

Tuffa has always, and will continue to innovate in its development and manufacture of water tanks for customers across the United Kingdom and beyond. This means that you can depend on us as a supplier of storage solutions that comprehensively address the very latest 21st century needs.