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Some of you may have read about a fire that took place recently in Falmouth Docks. An oil tank burst into flames next to a ship and several fire crews battled the blaze. Had they not brought the fire under control, the situation could have become much worse, and the dockyard might have lost the ferry that was in the dry dock at the time. So, how do you lessen the likelihood of an accident like that taking place at your site? Try using a bunded oil tank.

The bunded design of such a tank prevents leaks and spillages due to too much oil being pumped in. With no trace of oil outside the tank, a spark can’t ignite a pool of fuel, and we can fit optional extras such as half hour or full hour fire protection. This means that if a blaze does break out nearby, the tank will steadfastly refuse to combust until fire fighters can sort the flames out. In fact, we at Tuffa have filmed a demonstration of a fire protected tank and uploaded it to YouTube. Just type ‘Tuffa fire protection’ into the site’s search engine, and you can see how well our tanks resist the flames.

The entry level bunded tank has a gauge that shows you how quickly you’re adding diesel to the tank, while it also has a full four metres of piping, which makes delivery from a tanker a lot easier. The filtering of which the system is capable keeps impurities out of your fuel supply, while the tank is also lockable, in recognition that fuel is an especially valuable commodity. A bunded oil tank can hold between 1350 litres for the starting tank and 15000 litres. Such a range of capacities makes the solution as good for small farms as it is for big dockyards like the one in Falmouth.

A bunded oil tank from Tuffa can also be fitted with an external pump with a key switch, which adds an extra level of security. If only you have the key, only you can remove the fuel. These tanks resist rusting and are not damaged by sunlight. Nor do their covers allow leaves or rainwater into the system, which protects your supply.