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Today’s fuel storage applications are increasingly demanding bunded tanks as a bare minimum, but when the customer wants to go so much further than that bare minimum, they – more often than not – choose the offerings of the Uttoxeter firm, Tuffa. As a manufacturer with decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of such tanks, Tuffa understands how to cater for the complete range of possible applications.

At the most basic level, a bunded oil storage tank complies with current industry legislation that is designed to safeguard the environment. But in so doing, such a tank also helps the customer to fulfil their moral responsibilities towards our earth. The term ‘bunding’ refers to the ‘tank within a tank’ design that prevents spillage or leakage of the contents, which in turn saves the ground from being contaminated and the considerable time and expense that the cleanup process would incur.

A bunded oil tank from Tuffa doesn’t just meet the most elementary regulations, however, but is renowned for its quality, strength and reliability. Those in need of the ideal bunded heating oil tank, for example, benefit from the complete solution for whatever domestic, commercial or agricultural application they may have in mind, available capacities ranging from 1,000 litres up to 200,000 litres with interlinking.

The specifications of a bunded heating oil tank from Tuffa, meanwhile, includes such invaluable features as a float level gauge, vent, lockable hinged flip lid, 1″ bottom outlet and 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain. Such optional extras as 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection and an electronic level gauge can also be requested.

However, Tuffa’s bunded storage solutions aren’t restricted to heating oil tanks, a generous selection of bunded diesel tanks also taking pride of place in the company’s portfolio. The bunding ensures the safe and responsible storage of diesel, while features like a 2″ fill, manway access, submersible pump, digital flowmeter, clock gauge and Fuel Level Monitoring System (FMS) all ensure the utmost functionality of these tanks for the broadest range of uses.

But it is the bunding itself that is most appreciated by many customers of Tuffa. The company’s bunds contain a minimum of 110 per cent of the volume of the inner tank, the fuel level able to be determined by both the float level gauge and transparent inner tank. The bund is also covered, which allays any worries about the accumulation of rainwater and debris.

Such ingredients all add up to a genuinely industry-leading bunded oil tank – as only Tuffa knows how.