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Recent human history can be safely described as an agricultural era, but for those who might seek to invest in the water tanks of Tuffa for irrigation and agricultural purposes, the challenges of their day-to-day work in the year 2013 can be significant. Even those who lack almost any knowledge of agriculture are at least aware of the great importance of water to healthy plant growth and the wellbeing of animals, and farmers have many priorities when looking for a means of storing water.

Such priorities are likely to range from ease of installation and stability to strength and longevity. Certainly, assisted by its decades of experience in liquid storage and dispensing equipment, Tuffa can offer the tanks that those working in irrigation and agriculture most require. Tuffa’s standard process/non-potable water tanks are made of recyclable polyethylene, for example, and are guaranteed not to rust or corrode. They can be manufactured in various sizes, from 1350L to 20000L, and are weatherproof, tough and durable – perfect for the often wildly varying conditions that are associated with agriculture. They are UV stabilised, corrosion resistant and require no maintenance, meaning that farmers can spend more time tending to more important matters.

Certainly, these water tanks are also easy to use, with access provided by a sealed manway cover or inspection hatch – and there are many more features that can be specified for them, including 1” and 2” bottom outlets, larger outlets and additional connections for inlets/outlets, as well as steel stands for a gravity fed system, ball valves, float valves, filter kits and pumping systems. Such optional extras tend to be perfectly sufficient for a farmer’s needs, although in the unlikely event that they aren’t, Tuffa also offers bespoke water tanks, manufactured in galvanised steel. These tanks last even longer than the plastic varieties, consequently bringing the lowest long-term cost, and offer a tough coating as well as the most impeccable reliability levels.

It is well-documented that irrigation and agriculture can be fields causing a great deal of stress, and for which there is significant responsibility to have access to the right pure and clean water from a suitable tank. In addition to catering for animals, farmers need to ensure that their plants and crops are provided with the ability to absorb the minerals and nutrients that the soil contains. Farmers need to have an appropriate amount of water ready so that their animals do not suffer and their plants do not turn yellow, dry out and die.

It is therefore vitally important that their chosen water tank is a reliable one that does not fail throughout the seasons, which is why so many in such industries as agriculture and irrigation turn to our products.