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When people require plastic and steel storage tanks for any of a wide range of custom applications, Tuffa has so often been the company to which they have turned, aware of its high standards of product design and manufacture. Fundamental to its industry renown is its ability to produce tanks in seemingly any capacity that may be required, whether the customer requires a water storage tank, rainwater tank, bunded oil tank, AdBlue tank or chemical tank – or indeed, any other kind of tank.

Those choosing from the standard range of Tuffa tanks can select from such capacities as 1350 litres, 1400 litres, 2500 litres and 3500 litres, right up to 20,000 litres. But there are so many more custom capacities that the Tuffa team can cater for, as shown by its provision of a 5200 litre red steel gas oil storage tank alongside a 2500 litre AdBlue storage tank, for a South West based logistics company. Another recent case study involved a 30,000 litre plastic bunded fuel tank, attained by the interlinking of two Tuffa 15000VB bunded fuel tanks, each measuring 2866mm (DIA) x 3650mm (H).

The development and manufacture of water or oil tanks of such capacities extends to international clients, with a Scandinavian customer having lately benefited from two 20,000 litre bespoke tanks, their design incorporating steel dished bases with central outlet, raised up on support legs. Meanwhile, the manways can be safely accessed thanks to galvanised ladders and platform. Another recent order involved Tuffa’s manufacture and delivery of eight 20,000 litre water storage tanks, for utilisation over two sites. Four water tanks were provided for each site, being interlinked (connected) by the customer for a combined capacity of more than 80,000 litres across the two sites.

Another demonstration of the Tuffa team’s ability to provide tanks of even the greatest capacities was its construction of a 96,000 litre large steel tank, with the company’s highly skilled steel production personnel making use of a 6mm mild steel plate. With a length of 12000mm, a width of 3500mm and a height of 3000mm, as well as a 1.25m deep cabinet, the tank was certainly staggering in physical size, also being fitted with lifting lugs, channel runners, specified sockets for the suction and return and a large walk-in cabinet with a roller shutter door. This tank is capable of providing fuel for five 20000 kVA generators when filled.

In October, Tuffa fulfilled an order with an overseas logistics firm requesting a steel tank measuring up at 12000mm in length, 2700mm in width and 2500mm in height. This tank also incorporated a 47,000 litre and 10,000 litre compartment for the storage of diesel and AdBlue respectively. It took just eight weeks for the highly skilled staff at the Tuffa steel factory on Dovefields Industrial Estate, Uttoxeter, to manufacture the tank.

Prospective clients are welcome to get in touch with Tuffa about the manufacture of their next liquid storage tank in the capacity of their choosing.