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If you’ve been looking for a strong plastic oil tank, then look no further. Here at Tuffa, we have a huge selection available in a number of different shapes and capacities to perfectly fit the needs of you and your business. Every product is made to be as durable as possible, so you won’t need to worry about damage or degradation.

Our tanks have all been designed with an emphasis on pollution control. Each one is in accordance with current legislation and made to the highest grade specifications. This doesn’t just mean that the tank you receive will be in line with current regulations – it also means that you’ll be receiving a highly durable product with several advanced features to safeguard against damage.

Each one of our tanks is fully bunded, with the bund containing a minimum 110% volume of the main tank. Buying a fully bunded product means that you’ll be protected against the potentially serious effects of leakage, and therefore won’t need to worry if you slightly overfill the tank. Of course, all of our larger tanks are also fitted with overfill prevention devices, which ensure automatic shut off when the tank becomes too full. As an added bonus, a covered bund prevents rainwater and debris from collecting.

Bunded construction drastically reduces the chances of oil escaping due to leakage or overfilling, but you’ll also want to make sure that nothing can enter the tank from the outside. Every plastic oil tank that we produce is made from UV stabilised material. When this type of material is not used, UV rays can actually permeate the tank, causing degradation to the contents. For additional protection, the material used is also resistant to corrosion, so Tuffa products will last for years and years.

Our tanks share some universal benefits, but the degree of choice on offer in terms of capacity and dimensions means that you’ll get the one that is right for your needs. Capacities run from 1350 litres right up to 15,000 litres, with many options in-between. Most customers find that circular oil tanks are perfect for their needs, but we also carry square and rectangular options to make sure that you receive a tank that fits into the space you have available. Call Tuffa today for more information.