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One of the best reasons to buy a water bowser for your site is to ensure that you’ll always maintain access to a good supply of water. Tuffa bowsers are made to stand up to all types of weather, accidental damage and even attacks by vandals. With one of our products, your site will never be in danger of running low.

The United Kingdom isn’t exactly known for its predictable weather, with severe conditions often meaning that water-piping infrastructures suffer damage. In the past, this has often led to significant portions of the country having to go without a piped-water supply. When you buy a water bowser from Tuffa, this isn’t a problem that you’ll have to worry about, given that you’ll have a stockpile ready and waiting for any eventuality.

Additionally, each bowser features a rainwater harvesting system. This cuts down on the need for tanker refills, which means that you’ll save money on water throughout the year. It also means that the conditions that put your access to piped-water in jeopardy will be the very conditions likely to refill your water bowser in next to no time.

However, while the water bowser itself protects you during heavy and sustained downpours, you’ll need to pick up one that boasts the housing needed to keep the effects of other problems at bay. Tuffa models are provided with strong steel housing, which is insulated to provide reliable frost protection. Each bowser is also fitted with a thermostatically-controlled tube heater to stop water from freezing over.

The same steel construction that shields the bowser from the cold will also provide protection from vandalism and incidental damage. With the bowser contained inside its tough housing, which can be easily locked, you won’t need to worry that it might come to harm.

Water is such a basic requirement for most sites that it’s easy to forget how hard it can be to cope without it. Unfortunately, several situations can occur that leave you to find out first-hand how tough it is to work without a good supply. Call Tuffa today to make sure that you never find yourself in those situations.