Water Tanks

We have over two decades of experience in manufacturing water tanks, and offer capacities from 1,350 litres to 20,000 litres that can be used for domestic, agricultural, and industrial markets, amongst others. A range of plastic and steel water storage tank solutions are available.

Specialising in purely above-the-ground solutions, our plastic and steel water storage tanks are rotationally moulded as a one-piece tank. The manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base – where it’s needed most. Our plastic water tanks are made from recyclable polyethylene and are tough, durable, and weatherproof. They are also corrosion resistant and UV stabilised, in addition to requiring no or little maintenance. All of our tanks comply with the guidelines of the Environmental Agency.

Capacities are available up to 20,000 litres in a single unit and can be interlinked for larger volumes. All tanks come complete with ventilation, with an access point sited on top of the water storage tank itself. The outlets can be specified by the customer, and can be situated at either the top or the bottom of the tank.

All of our tanks are quick and easy to install, with the choice of having a plastic or steel solution. Tuffa is committed to providing the best options for every situation, whether domestic, commercial or agricultural.

There are a number of optional extras available, including:

  • Inlets: Multiple sizes and connections available
  • Outlets: Most often, we fit either a 1” or 2” bottom outlet. However, it is also possible to have further and larger connections fitted to the tank.
  • Valves: Including float valves, bottom entry valves, top entry valves, equilibrium float valves and more.
  • Submersible pumps: Many of those purchasing a water tank are eager to avoid the need to gravity feed, which is why they may have a submersible pump fitted, complete with a float that guards against it running dry.
  • Downpipe filters: We offer two types of filters. One directs the cleaned water out through a side outlet into a tank, with dirt and waste water passing on through the downpipe to the waste collector. The other type of downpipe filter works by ejecting the dirt through a front opening, with the cleaned water continuing along the downpipe to the connected tank or infiltration system.
  • Water management solutions: Including water demand control, automated pumping systems, water level indicators and alarms.