Potable Water Tanks

A range of plastic and steel potable water tanks to provide hygienic storage of water safe for human consumption.

These potable water tanks, intended to store water safe for human consumption, are made from a WRAS-approved polyethylene. We manufacture potable water tanks in plastic and steel and the storage facility is maintenance free and corrosion resistant. Our potable water tanks range from a capacity of 1,350 litres up to 20,000 litres.

It’s also possible for the tanks to be manufactured with greater wall thicknesses so that they are suitable for Specific Gravities of contents between 1SG and 2SG. Other features include a vent, an inspection lid in the case of 1350/1400/2500 models and manway access on models 3500L or larger. Available optional extras, meanwhile, include 1” and 2” stainless steel bottom outlets, larger outlet(s), extra connections for inlets/outlets, ball valves, float valves, pumping systems and filter kits – in shortage, everything that is required to cater for the wide range of applications for which a potable water tank could be required.

Indeed, the applications for which Tuffa’s potable storage solutions are suitable include domestic, commercial, agricultural, horticultural, industrial and irrigation applications. Their suitability for such a wide range of tasks is only further increased by their manufacture from recyclable polyethylene, as well as their corrosion resistance, UV stabilisation, toughness and durability, lack of necessary maintenance, weatherproofing and incorporated sealed manway cover or inspection hatch to assist access.

What is potable water?

Potable water is simply water that is safe for human consumption; either through drinking or food preparation. Throughout the majority of the UK, we can access potable water straight from our taps, which comes from a mixture of aquifers, reservoirs, lakes, and rivers.