Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

With water becoming an increasingly costly and regulated commodity, rainwater harvesting is an attractive option saving both money and precious water resources. And what better way to save resources than by using the rain that falls on a property’s roof and storing it in a Tuffa Rainwater Tank?

Our rainwater harvesting tanks are perfect for both domestic usage, garden and irrigation systems or bespoke commercial systems. We also offer water bowsers for high capacity requirements on sites with no mains connections.  These can be useful for festivals, construction sites, greenfield sites, or water supply emergencies.

Our tanks work by capturing rainwater that falls on the roof which is directed to a central point via normal guttering and downpipes, to a storage tank known as a rainwater harvesting tank, where it can be filtered on entry. A highly efficient and reliable submersible pump delivers the water to a service on demand.

The types of rainwater harvesting systems we offer include:

  • Domestic systems, either direct or indirect (gravity/header tank versions), including potable upgrades where appropriate
  • Garden/irrigation systems, both above ground and underground
  • Commercial systems (bespoke)

We’re big advocates of rainwater harvesting. Water is an ever more precious (and sometimes expensive!) resource, so collecting it when the weather takes a turn for the worse can leave you with a store of water to do with as you wish. The most common uses of collected rainwater that we come across are:

  • Cooking and consumption: As it falls, rainwater is relatively clean, although it can become contaminated once it lands on the Earth’s surface. There are options for filtering out any contaminates, and once this is done the water is safe to use for both cooking and drinking.
  • Domestic appliances: It will come as no surprise that the majority of our water usage comes from flushing toilets, showering, using a washing machine or dishwasher, and so on. Using harvested rainwater for all of this instead can reduce significantly water bills.
  • Watering gardens and plants: Even in the British Summer, parts of the country can suffer a drought so for keen gardeners it makes sense to keep a store of water on hand to keep their plants and gardens well watered.