Waste Water Tanks

Our waste water tanks are designed for efficient waste water storage.


Our waste water tanks are the perfect solution for the storage of water containing contaminants. Tuffa’s waste water tanks are suitable for industrial and domestic use with applications ranging from storing harmful chemicals and by-products to storing water used for washing. We also offer effluent tanks specifically designed to fit under portable cabins.


Our effluent tank is 2,300 litres in capacity and our waste water tanks are available in capacities from 1,350 to 15,000 litres. We are also able to interlink our tanks which increases the maximum capacity. For example four 20,000 litre water tanks can be linked to produce a tank which is effectively 80,000 litres in capacity.


Types of Waste Water

  • Industrial – Industrial wastewater is produced as by-product of industrial processes. This has been a major source of pollution in the modern age as it is often heavily contaminated with harmful chemicals and, as such, it is difficult to treat.


  • Domestic – Domestic wastewater is sewage that comes from domestic properties. This can often be split up into two main sub-types:
    • Black water: Water contaminated with human waste.
    • Grey water: All other domestic waste water from non-toilet appliances, such as dishwashers, showers, washing machines, sinks, etc.



All of our tanks come with a 10 year guarantee when registered, a 1 guarantee on ancillary goods, and a 3 month warranty on hoses.



Tuffa Tanks are generally built to order. We can arrange delivery direct to site in the UK or abroad. Alternatively, tanks can be collected from our Uttoxeter factory.


Typical build times are as follows:


Plastic tanksStock tanks available with next day delivery – call us for current stock levels
Small standard tanks (up to 2500 litres): 7-10 days
Large standard tanks (over 2500 litres): 2-3 weeks



Our plastic water tanks are made from recyclable polyethylene and are manufactured to ensure a maximum wall thickness at the base – where it’s needed most. They are also corrosion resistant, weatherproof and UV stabilised. They are also very durable and require little or no maintenance.


For any enquiries contact our sales support team on 01889 567700. For online enquiries use the form on our Contact page or the product page you wish to enquire about.