Waste Water Tanks

Our waste water tanks are designed for efficient waste water storage.

Our waste water tanks are an excellent solution for temporary waste water storage. They have sealed inspection lids, a plastic design, and they are easy to link. This makes them easier to move and transport around. A range of capacities are available, along with bespoke solutions on request.

Types of Waste Water

  • Industrial – Industrial wastewater is produced as by-product of industrial processes. This has been a major source of pollution in the modern age as it is often heavily contaminated with harmful chemicals and, as such, it is difficult to treat.
  • Domestic – Domestic wastewater is sewage that comes from domestic properties. This can often be split up into two main sub-types:
    • Black water: Water contaminated with human waste.
    • Grey water: All other domestic waste water from non-toilet appliances, such as dishwashers, showers, washing machines, sinks, etc.