1400 litre water bowser

Weight (kg) 950
Capacity (Litres)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


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  • Plastic inner tank with mild steel, insulated outer
  • Water pump – c/w pressure switch & float switch, 240v (110v option available)
  • Thermostatically controlled tube heater
  • 1″ outlet supply
  • 1″ drain point
  • Channel runners
  • Socket for rainwater harvesting
  • External power socket
  • Lifting lugs for Hiab installation
  • 5″ inspection lid
  • 24″ inspection lid
  • Vents
  • Colour: Standard WHITE – other colours can be quoted for upon request

The water bowser can provide all the water you need for your on-site facilities. It’s housed in a robust, lockable steel structure for protection against vandalism.


Constant water pressure for all site amenities

To supply your appliances with water at a constant pressure of 4 bar, the bowser is fitted with a pump inside the steel housing. That means you won’t suffer the low-pressure problems associated with many on-site water tanks.


Built-in frost protection for uninterrupted water supply

The steel housing is insulated to provide frost protection. The bowser is also fitted with a thermostatically controlled tube heater to prevent the water from freezing, ensuring you always have a supply of running water, whatever the weather.


Improved site sustainability with rainwater harvesting

The bowser incorporates a rainwater harvesting system, which can help to reduce the frequency of tanker refills, enhancing the sustainability of your site. When refills by tanker are required, the bowser has an easy-access filling point to make this process as simple as possible.