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Tuffa is renowned for the depth of its versatility and expertise when designing and manufacturing a tank for any of an extremely broad range of clients. Although many of these clients request plastic tanks that offer such benefits as competitive pricing, ease of transportation, durability and corrosion resistance, others may enquire about a steel tank boasting no shortage of operational benefits of its own.

A Tuffa steel tank, after all, is able to be manufactured to any dimensions to suit the requirements of the customer. Such a tank is made from only high quality steel, offers a design versatility to match almost every site requirement and even incorporates a minimum 110% bund capacity to ensure compliance with the regulations. When regularly maintained, a Tuffa steel tank can remain serviceable for more than 30 years. There are even various colours that can be chosen, and premium ancillary equipment fitted.

Many a type of Tuffa steel tank is available to suit almost any conceivable application. The customer may specify a steel oil tank, for example, incorporating such features as a 2″ BSP fill point, vent, float level gauge and 1″ BSP bottom outlet, such optional extras as a small fill cabinet, tank pack, electronic level gauge and battery bund alarm also able to be specified. Similarly formidable are the company’s steel diesel tanks, which are available in capacities from 1,099 litres to 20,206 litres.

Even the most standard Tuffa steel diesel tanks include such features as a cabinet for housing equipment, a submersible pump, digital flowmeter, nozzle holster, channel runners and lifting lugs. However, Tuffa also stocks many steel petrol tanks. Designed and built in the UK, these tanks bring the customer such benefits as bunded and fire protected storage, a secure padlock system and easy fuel metering. They are suitable for industries ranging from scrap yards, car dealerships and tool hire shops to factories, police stations and golf clubs.

Other highly rated options in the current Tuffa steel tank range include multi compartment tanks capable of storing more than one type of fuel, as well as a vast selection of fire protected oil tanks, the latter including a ‘fire barrier’ constructed from high quality fire retardant material. Even bespoke steel tanks can be requested, for both liquid and non-liquid applications – the latter potentially encompassing food storage, wood pellets, garden sheds and more.

Talk to Tuffa about how your next oil tank could be a steel tank, manufactured by us to cater for your most specialised needs.