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Tuffa has a strong reputation for the design and manufacture of water tanks – after all, we have been involved in this product category for more than 25 years – and it isn’t just drinking water solutions or rainwater harvesting tanks that we supply. That’s because we also produce a range of tanks for the efficient and secure storage of process, or non-drinking water, which have played just as big a role in building up our considerable industry reputation.

Our current selection of non-potable water tanks includes a single skin effluent tank, which is a septic unit that can fit under portable cabins where on-site mains effluent/drainage is unavailable. This tank offers a brim full capacity of 2,500 litres, alongside such specification features as two large sealed inspection lids for the prevention of spillages and odour, two 4″ inspection lids and two inserts or rubber grommets for connection/interlinking.

The Tuffa effluent tank’s strong, rigid design, convenient lifting eyes and the sheer ease with which it can be linked with other tanks to obtain larger capacities has made it a strong seller here at Tuffa. However, there are many more solutions for storing process water. You may be well-served by such a single skin tank as the 3500V, for example, which combines a 3,500 litre brim full capacity with such perks as a tough and durable body, corrosion resistance, UV stabilisation and manufacture from recyclable polyethylene.

Similar tanks to the 3500V can be requested in 6,000 litre, 10,000 litre, 15,000 litre and 20,000 litre capacities. However, it’s worth remembering that we also stock non-potable water storage tanks like the 1,350 litre 1350SLW Non-Pot, which offers many of the same benefits as the aforementioned, along with such optional extras as 1″ and 2″ bottom outlets, larger outlet(s), extra inlet/outlet connections, a ball valve, float valve and filter kit.

Finally, we couldn’t fail to mention the Water Bowser that we offer in a 1,500 litre brim full capacity. This is the ideal solution for providing all of the water that your on-site facilities require, a robust and lockable steel structure guarding against the possibility of vandalism. It supplies water at a constant pressure of 4 bar, avoiding the low-pressure problems that many on-site water tanks have, while built-in frost protection prevents any interruption to your water supply. Even a rainwater harvesting system is incorporated into this water bowser.

There’s no shortage of ways to store process water when you shop from the range of non-potable water tanks at Tuffa.