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Of all of the storage tanks that Tuffa specialises in designing and manufacturing to the most exacting specifications, many of those working in agriculture will  always have a particular interest in AdBlue storage tanks. Strictly speaking, AdBlue is not a fuel, and nor is it mixed with fuel. What it is, is a vehicle operating fluid based on a high purity urea solution. The requirements of new engine technology have made AdBlue a word on the lips of more and more agricultural workers in recent times.

Over the past 15 years, there was been a lowering in exhaust emission limits so that the amount of harmful toxic gas that is released into the air, of which NOx is an example, can be better reduced. This change has forced the manufacturers of farm machinery to redevelop their engines to ensure compliance with EU legislation Tier IIIb and Tier IV. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology is a proven system in ensuring the reduction of NOx emissions from exhaust gases.

Most new drivable machinery that comes off the production line – including most new tractors, harvesters and other farm machinery powered by diesel – now has SCR fitted to it, with the AdBlue reagent consequently needing to be sprayed into the exhaust system. The purpose of AdBlue is the creation of a chemical reaction in the catalyst, which ensures the conversion of NOx gases into harmless steam and Nitrogen, as are consequently emitted from the exhaust pipe. When agricultural workers buy their new machine, their dealer should inform them whether it requires AdBlue.

Although the dealer should be able to provide the purchaser of such farm machinery not only AdBlue, but also the associated pumping equipment, farmers should also seriously consider our tanks for the storage of this operating fluid. It is vital, after all, to prevent the AdBlue tank of farm machinery to become empty, not least as this may lead the machine to enter crawlermode and also constitutes illegal operation of the machine. Fortunately for agricultural professionals, Tuffa manufactures an extensive selection of bunded fuel tanks for the storage and dispensing of AdBlue.

Although the highest quality of storage tank design and construction is always important, this is arguably especially the case with AdBlue storage tanks, given the fluid’s chemical characteristics. With its quarter-century experience in the development of liquid storage and dispensing equipment encompassing oil tanks, water tanks, chemical tanks and more, Tuffa is excellently placed to provide agricultural workers with the wide range of reliable, stable and long-lived – not to mention functional – AdBlue tanks that they require.

With such features incorporated as submersible pumps, digital flowmeters, stainless steel ‘Y’ filters and lockable cabinets, available for tank capacities as low as 1350L or as commodious as 15,000L, our tanks are high in specification and designed to cater for the most specialised needs of agricultural workers.