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The diesel fuel that is used in diesel engines has routine agricultural, commercial, commercial and industrial applications, which means that when many potential customers in these fields require a diesel dispensing tank, they frequently turn to Tuffa, a leading developer and manufacturer of fuel tanks for all manner of purposes. UK manufacture, premium quality and strength and durability have all long helped to make the company the UK’s leading supplier of such tanks.

Central to Tuffa’s fuel tanks offering is a broad selection of bunded fuel stations available in as small a capacity as 1350L, and in as large a capacity as 15000L. People turn to Tuffa for such tanks because they know that the firm’s manufacturing is state of the art, with scrupulous attention to detail also being applied throughout. The bunded fuel stations offered by Tuffa come complete ready to use, with a hard standing flat concrete base and the final electrical connection all that is required so that the tank can store fuel in a way that is secure and complies with regulations. Indeed, such tanks are compliant with Environmental Agency Guidelines.

The features of Tuffa’s bunded fuel stations include, for the 1350L, 1400L and 2500L models, a 2″ BSP Fill Point with cap and chain, a Clock Gauge, a lockable hinged flip lid on outer tank, 10 micron filter and a digital flowmeter, among others. Those who invest in the 3500L, 6000L, 10000L and 15000L models benefit from such additions as a High Accuracy Contents Level Gauge, bund and overfill alarm, key switch for operating the pump, overfill prevention valve and lockable cabinet. Tuffa is also happy to discuss potential requirements for economy and biodiesel models.

Optional extras for these bunded fuel stations in the wider Tuffa fuel tanks range include the likes of 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection, an electronic contents gauge, a 12V / 24V external pump, extended delivery hose and replacement filter elements. Clients can even choose from various other colours for their tank. Such features, taken together, all help to make these bunded fuel stations as suitable as possible in agricultural, commercial and industrial settings. It is easy to access refuelling equipment from ground level, the bund contains a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank and the bunded construction also guards against the possibility of overfilling and leakage.

Finally, those in the market for diesel dispensing tanks are also likely to appreciate an in-depth selection of multi-compartment fuel stations that have been designed to be useful in pollution control. Available combined capacities of these multi-compartment tanks range from 3900L to 8800L, and they also share with the rest of Tuffa’s tanks a broad range of other specifications, encompassing such features as fire proofing and interlinking up to 100,000 litres, in line with the exact requirements of the customer. All in all, these tanks are excellent for the storage of two different liquid types, with even triple compartment tanks being available.