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Whatever type of bunded oil tank one could conceivably require, it would seem that Tuffa has a model to suit within its present range. Fuels, petrol, biofuels and lubricants can all be stored by various Tuffa tanks, as can diesel – for which options are available in both plastic and steel. Certainly, there can be no better provider of a plastic bunded diesel tank than Tuffa, on the evidence of our highly rated bunded fuel stations available in capacities from 1,350 litres to 15,000 litres.

There are many more reasons to buy a plastic bunded diesel tank from Tuffa. A bunded fuel system from us can be used immediately without the need for any further assembly and preparation, a final electrical connection and hard standing flat concrete base being the only prior requirements. Opt for even the most standard diesel tank from Tuffa, and you’ll still have access to a submersible pumping unit comprising a pump, flowmeter, delivery hose and an automatic shutoff nozzle, filtration and gauge.

Those wanting one of our many plastic diesel tank options may also be interested in a very generous list of optional extras, including the likes of a higher output pump, 12V/24V pump, 10micron water and particulate filter, extra delivery hose, lockable fill cap, fuel management system and high security steel cabinet with roller shutter.

But even beyond the specification sheets, abundant reasons exist to order a plastic diesel tank from Tuffa. We tailor-make our tanks not just for the safe, secure and responsible storage of diesel, but also for the complete range of agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. Customers of our plastic bunded diesel fuel stations also have a commodious high security lockable cabinet in which to store extras like hose reels, while the interlinking of tanks enables the achievement of capacities larger than those of our standard models.

However, we also manufacture an increasingly acclaimed range of steel bunded diesel tanks, which are well-suited to our most demanding customers with their particularly specialised requirements. Even a relatively basic 1100SBFS tank from this latter range boasts a generous specification incorporating such features as a 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, vent, float level gauge, submersible pump, digital flowmeter, nozzle holster and cabinet for housing equipment.

Talk to the friendly and capable team at the Uttoxeter-based leader in the diesel tank industry, Tuffa, for a more detailed discussion of your needs from this type of liquid storage and dispensing solution, and to receive a quote for your next diesel tank.