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It’s no secret that water is a vital commodity across the world, but it also has so many more applications beyond drinking – and indeed, many of the customers that approach Tuffa about a water tank require one for any of an astoundingly wide range of domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, horticultural or irrigation applications. Individuals and organisations frequently require well-made tanks that are tough, durable and weatherproof, while also sporting various other design features to assist the fulfilment of highly exacting requirements.

When the customer buys a non-potable water tank from Tuffa(also known as process water tanks), they know that it will be made from recyclable polyethylene and is guaranteed not to rust or corrode. They’ll also know that the tank is weatherproof, maintenance free and UV stabilised, and comes fitted with a sealed manway cover or inspection hatch for easy access. They’ll even know that the water tanks that Tuffa develops and manufactures can be specified with greater wall thicknesses with various Specific Gravities of contents in mind, as well that the firm offers such tanks in eight sizes, namely 1350L, 1400L, 2500L, 3500L, 6000L, 10000L, 15000L and 20000L.

All process/non-potable water tanks that Tuffa offers include a vent, while 1350L, 1400L and 2500L models also incorporate an inspection lid and manway access is even provided on the 3500L variant and above. Further affirming the sheer versatility of Tuffa’s tanks and their suitability to a wide range of applications is a generous list of optional extras, encompassing 1” and 2” bottom outlets, larger outlets, extra connections for inlets/outlets, float valves, filter kits, pumping systems and ball valves. It is also possible that the customer has needs that are not met by standard models, in which case, Tuffa also has considerable expertise in the development and manufacture of bespoke water tanks.

Tuffa also manufacture bespoke non-potable water tanks from steel as well as plastic, making the most of the high level of skill of its fabricator welders. These tanks are manufactured to accommodate any customer requirements and in any dimensions that are requested, in Mild Steel to BS EN/10 025. No matter how critical the needs of the individual customer, Tuffa can adapt to them to a standard that it believes is not possible with any other manufacturer. Such a tank lasts longer, bringing a low long-term cost, which is further assured by the lack of necessary maintenance. All Tuffa steel water tanks can either be galvanised or stainless steel, contributing further to their performance, reliability and longevity.

Customers with an interest in Tuffa’s non-potable water tanks can simply browse the range online right now, or may prefer to get in touch about a one-off solution. Whatever their exact requirements, the customer can expect a tank that perfectly caters for their own situation, and from a company that has been manufacturing such tanks for more than two decades.