custom tank moulding & design

With over 30 years as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we can help you to design and produce bespoke plastic custom moulded products to meet your individual requirements. We can provide a CAD design service and our UK factory helps to reduce logistical costs compared overseas import.

End to end production

Rotational Moulding (Rotomoulding) can be used to produce strong simple and complex plastic shapes without joints or seams for strength and durability.

It’s a cost-effective production technique that can help you develop new products at a competitive price.

We provide our clients with an end to end production capability and are committed to the highest levels of customer service and quality control, testing rigorously at every stage of production to ensure compliance with all current regulations.

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In House Design Team

With applications across a range of industries we can manufacture a product from your drawings, or alternatively work with you to design and specify your idea.

Please contact our Design Team with your requirements and we will provide a specification and quote for your project. We offer a total project management service covering everything from concept and planning through to research, design, speccing, production and delivery.

As we’ve designed and developed every tank across our entire range we know the process inside and out. We’re also able to source parts and materials at a fraction of the price when compared to you going direct to manufacturers.

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