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One of the most current problems affecting users of AdBlue is the possibility of buying diluted fuel. There is one way that you can tell if you are being ripped off and charged more than you should for your supply of AdBlue. This is by paying attention to your consumption rates.  If they are exceeding the rates that you were quoted by the manufacturer there is a good chance that your supply is being diluted. The dilution results in more expense for you, so it’s a good idea to try and protect your fleets and ensure you are buying from genuine suppliers.

When you have your oil tanks refilled with AdBlue pay close attention to the presentation of the containers that hold the fuel. Many diluted products will be delivered in plain containers that don’t have any information or branding. You can also ask your supplier to show you a certificate of conformity that will include a batch number that can be traced.  Once you know your supplier is providing you with the complete product you can safely secure your tanks to ensure the supply isn’t tampered with.

Buying fuel in bulk and keeping it on your premises in secure and safe oil tanks is a great way of reducing costs. Many farmers are now turning to AdBlue as the latest generation of tractors are starting to be delivered. If you would like to find out more about safely storing your AdBlue supplies simply contact our team on 01889 567700.