Diesel Tanks

We offer diesel storage solutions including diesel dispensers, fire protected diesel dispensers, biodiesel dispensers, multi compartment dispensers and diesel bowsers.

Diesel Tanks Information

Safe and reliable diesel storage is a major concern for a huge variety of businesses in the UK. We hold over 30 years of experience in manufacturing diesel storage tanks for an eclectic mix of companies and industries, all with different needs often requiring a bespoke solution. If your business is looking for a high-quality, safe and reliable way to store diesel, then look no further.


Our bunded diesel tanks comply with required regulations and can be fitted with fire protection. The capacity of our plastic diesel storage tanks range from 1,350 to 15,000 litres, and our core steel diesel tanks reach a capacity of 90,000 litres.


You can also check out An Expert Guide to Diesel Storage for information, advice and industry insights covering everything from the types of tanks, storage regulations, how to get the best price on fuel and preventing fuel theft.



We recommend buying the maximum capacity tank you can to reduce the chance of running out of fuel, minimise the frequency of tank refills and to enable you to purchase your diesel at the best possible price.


As a guide, we recommend the following capacities for different industries and company sizes:



Our tanks have a 10 year guarantee on the inner tank and bund, with all parts carrying a 12 month guarantee. We would recommend regular maintenance of your tank via our service maintenance package to extend the tank’s useful life.


Tuffa Tanks are generally built to order. We can arrange delivery to sites across the UK, or tanks can be collected from our factory in Uttoxeter.


Stock tanks available with next day delivery – call us for current stock levels. Current build times are as follows:


Plastic tanksSmall standard tanks (up to 2500 litres): 7-10 days
Large standard tanks (over 2500 litres): 2-3 weeks
Steel tanksSmall standard tanks (up to 2300 litres): 4-6 weeks
Large standard tanks (over 2300 litres): 8-10 weeks


The Control of Pollution Regulations from 2001 dictate the legal requirements for storing oil (including diesel) on a property. The main points are as such:


  • Oil must be stored in a container that is strong enough to make sure that it will not burst or leak when full
  • Oil tanks and containers must be placed inside a containment system
  • Valves and pipes must be sealed to prevent leaking and placed within the secondary confinement system or used with a drip tray to catch any spills
  • Fixed tanks must have a sight gauge that has a valve which can be closed automatically
  • Automatic overfill prevention devices must be used when it’s not practical to observe the vent pipe or tank


All of our diesel storage tanks are manufactured to comply with these guidelines. Our diesel tanks are bunded and are made from mild steel or recyclable polyethylene. We also offer multi-compartment diesel tanks to store several kinds of liquids (most commonly diesel and AdBlue).