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Traditionally, this is the time of year that many people are debating about whether or not they should be putting the heating on – even if it is just to the take the edge off the late night and early morning chill factor. On a commercial level, this is a decision that businesses make months in advance.

There are certain preparations to be made and products to be bought ready for use in autumn and winter. Many of them choose to buy in bulk, utilising chemical storage tanks as a means of keeping their business running during colder months of the year and taking advantage of out of season price levels.

While most people are happy to buy their de-icer as and when they need it for those cold, frosty mornings, businesses need to be much more prepared. While most people prefer to have a qualified professional to take a look at their vehicles, ensuring that their engines are running smoothly, and antifreeze is topped up; businesses need to be prepared to service their entire fleet in advance.

This is where chemical storage tanks come into play. For taxi firms, bus and coach companies, and the HGV transit industry as a whole – not to mention docks and airports; buying in vast quantities is the only way to ensure that their business runs smoothly at all times.

Not only does each vehicle need a pre-season check-up, but they need constant top-ups throughout to ensure that one of the busiest times of year runs without a hitch.

Heating the Nation

There is a section of society that chooses to buy fuel and heat their homes themselves using heating oil tanks, but energy companies also need to ensure they are well stocked before the colder weather sets in. Tanks can be produced in a range of sizes to suit individual or business needs.

Seasonal Hazards

There are a number of chemicals that businesses rely on at this time of year – namely De-icer and Anti-freeze. These chemicals are needed en masse for many businesses, in order to operate at full swing over one of the busiest times of the year, which means their bulk supply of chemicals needs to be stored correctly to minimise wastage.

Storage tanks for these kinds of chemicals are made to order, depending on the contents they will house to ensure your chemical needs are protected at all times; no matter what external forces may be at large (namely, the weather!).

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