“APHC Certification Ltd., a CLG endorsed competent person scheme, provides building regulations self-certification accreditation for installers for the complete range of domestic Tuffa oil storage tanks.” says APHC.

“It has now been years since other bodies were given the same Government authorisation as OFTEC to register oil installers and notify installations under the Competent Persons Scheme. Yet there is a widespread belief that OFTEC registration is still mandatory. It is not. It is perhaps understandable that most oil technicians still believe it is a legal requirement to be OFTEC-registered in order to work on a range of oil-fired installations because they have only ever had the one body to deal with in the past.

However, APHC now has exactly the same rights as OFTEC for the notification of domestic oil work. Their APHC Competent Persons Scheme members who are suitably qualified can now register all oil work through the APHC Competent Persons Scheme.

In fact, the APHC scheme is the most comprehensive one available to hearing engineers and plumbers today. See the list below for an accurate comparison with OFTEC.

APHC CPS members are authorised to notify:

  • Oil installations, pressure jets and vaporising
  • Heating systems and open vented hot water systems
  • Unvented hot water systems
  • Sanitary pipework systems and bathrooms
  • Part P (defined scope) electrics
  • Solid fuel burning appliances
  • Water Regulations

All the above is covered by a single standard membership and this rate covers up to five qualified technicians.

OFTEC members are authorised to notify:

  • Oil installations (standard charge)
  • Unvented hot water (extra charge)
  • Part P (defined scope) electrics (extra charge)

In addition to the OFTEC business registration there is a separate fee payable for each technician.

One major benefit of the APHC scheme is that it also covers Water Regulations by means of an Approved Contractor scheme. This added advantage is a huge benefit to installers because it keeps all compliance issues in one registration. This facility is not available through OFTEC or any other CPS scheme, including CORGI.

So do not be misled. Even though there are still many websites and manufacturers’ documents stating that you must be OFTEC registered, this is outdated information.

Contact APHC on 02476 470 626 if you are considering joining or renewing registration for oil. We may well be able to save you considerable time and money as we already have done for other installers. www.aphc.co.uk

(APHC Association News)