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Tuffa has over 25 years’ experience with liquid storage and dispensing equipment, and that has provided us with an eye for innovation and a sixth sense for client needs. We’ve found that it’s often more beneficial for customers to buy one larger tank with two compartments, rather than spending more on several smaller ones.

Our multi-compartment tanks allow you to store different liquids in the same unit. This doesn’t only provide a more cost-effective storage solution, but can also eliminate issues regarding limited space, so it’s often a convenient and practical option.

As standard, all our multi-compartment tanks are provided with a number of features to ensure that they remain easy to use. These features include two BSP fill connections with cap and chain ventilation, two electronic level gauges, two submersible pumps and two digital flowmeters. Each also comes supplied with two 4m lengths of delivery hose, 10micron filtration units and two key switches to operate the pump.

As with all of our products, the design of these tanks prioritises pollution control. To help eliminate costly spillages, each tank is bunded and comes with two overfill alarms and two prevention valves, in addition to a lockable cabinet for the safe containment of your equipment.

Suitable for a wide range of uses, we’ve made three sizes of tank available to perfectly suit your needs. Dual capacities of 1400L/2500L, 2300L/3700L and 3200L/5600L are stocked, while bespoke triple capacities are made available to you on request.

As we care about the environment, our tanks are made of recyclable polyethylene, and because we want them to last as long as possible, they’re resistant to corrosion and UV stabilised. You can rest assured that your tank will be in accordance with current industry legislation, not to mention offer exceptional strength and durability.

Despite the generous selection of integrated standard features, we know that some customers are going to have additional needs, so we’ve also made sure that we can supply a number of add-ons. If you need a contents gauge with higher accuracy, you can get it with Tuffa.

Do you want a fuel management system for your new multi compartment? Again, look no further. We even arrange cosmetic customization, making our tanks available in a variety of colours. These are just a few of the add-ons that we can provide.

Whatever your requirements, we’re confident that we can accommodate them. Contact Tuffa today to discuss our multi-compartment tanks and take advantage of our fantastic service and prices.