To get the most out of your storage tank, it is important that you take good care and carry out regular checks and maintenance.

Once you have invested in a Tuffa storage tank, you are going to want to make sure that you get the absolute most out of it – and in order to do so, carrying out regular checks and maintaining your tank are small but essentials parts of caring for your tank.

Inspection by a Competent Person

Regular inspections should be carried out by a qualified person that is receiving delivery of a product that will be stored in the tank before and during the filling process.

These inspections should include:

  • Checking the fill point arrangement for any leaks and soundness
  • Inspecting outlet valves for leaks and ensuring the valve opens and closes correctly
  • Testing the contents gauge and any high level/overfill alarm and bund alarm
  • Ensure that vents are clear of any debris
  • Inspection of the base of the tank – plastic tanks should be checked for deformation on the surface, such as excessive bulging, change in colour or stress fractures. The inspection of steel tanks should focus on any rust or corrosion, damp patches, and seam fractures
  • The bund must be checked for soundness and integrity, leaks and any other debris

If a competent person is not available, then checks should be carried out at the earliest convenience after filling.

Filter Changes

It is recommended that the filter on a storage tank is changed every six months. However, if there is a reduced flow rate, then this can also be a sign that the filter should be replaced.

Reduced flow rate can be caused by a blockage or restriction in the system – in this instance, you should inspect the filter element.

Storage Tank Support

Storage tanks must be completely supported on a non-combustible base, which must extend at least 300mm around the footprint of the tank. This ensures that your storage tank is stable and will not cause a potential hazard which could result in an injury or the spreading of harmful chemicals.

As well as safely securing your storage tank, taking the extra step of fencing off your tank and checking that any loose pipes are out of sight will also help to stave off damage and reduce the risk of accidents.

If you would like more information on how to care for your storage tank, then please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01889 567700.