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A plastic tank may be perfectly sufficient for a broad range of customer liquid storage needs. Certainly, here at Tuffa, purchasing a plastic tank means purchasing a tank that is corrosion-resistant, UV stabilised, lightweight and durable. It also means buying a tank that is fully lockable and able to be interlinked to obtain larger capacities.

However, certain circumstances exist in which a steel tank may make more sense. You may have more specific requirements with regard to design and dimensions, while not wishing to compromise in the standard of manufacture and accompanying equipment. Sure enough, Tuffa takes pride in its status as the complete steel tank manufacturer, creating tanks to a customer’s requested dimensions from only high quality steel.

Several other factors should dictate your ultimate choice of steel tank manufacturer. Our acclaimed design versatility allows us to produce tanks to suit the broadest range of tank requirements. We give the customer lots of options for their tank, various steel finishes and colours being available, in addition to bespoke fire protection.

However, the right steel tank manufacturer will also work in close accordance with industry standards and regulations. That is why Tuffa’s steel tanks also feature a minimum 110% bund capacity and are fitted with only premium ancillary equipment. Our tanks are also known for their remarkably long serviceable life of more than 30 years with regular maintenance.

When you come to buy a bunded steel tank, you are sure to be thankful for such features as a vent, 1″ BSP bottom outlet, overfill prevention valve, lifting lugs and channel runners. Not only does every bunded steel tank from Tuffa offer these features as standard, but higher-capacity models also incorporate the likes of a 2″ fill point on the top of the tank, visual float gauge, hydrostatic contents gauge and small fill point cabinet with hinged door.

Similarly, if it is a steel dispensing tank that you require, features like a 240V submersible pump, automatic shut off nozzle, nozzle parker, digital flowmeter and four metres of delivery hose will do much to boost everyday functionality. These, too, are common to every Tuffa steel dispensing tank, available optional extras including a key switch, walk-in cabinet and extra length delivery hose.

Combine such impressively-tailored specifications with the customer-oriented service that Tuffa has become so strongly associated with over the years, and the Uttoxeter company should be an obvious choice of steel tank manufacturer for even the most demanding of clients.