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Here at Tuffa Tanks, as the UK’s No 1 manufacturer; we supply a vast range of industries and companies with the highest quality storage tanks available. Whether your needs are domestic, commercial, water, oil or chemical related or you require something more bespoke; we have the solution to your problem.

As storage tank manufacturers, we have a broad range available to all, and these are broken down into four main categories: oil, water, chemical and others. These different types of storage tanks are developed based on the needs of the products contained within.


Oil storage tanks come in either plastic or steel and all uphold high standards across the board; as well as being made of the highest quality materials. Should you require bunded oil tanks that are great for heating oil, have multi-compartment containers for storing more than one kind of liquid fuel and biodiesel tanks – for those of you with eco-friendly requirements; Tuffa Tanks provide them all.


We manufacture two main types of storage tank for water; potable and non-potable. Potable water tanks are for storing drinking water, are used in agriculture and for events where large amounts of drinking water is required – such as festivals. Non-potable water tanks are used to provide businesses and toilet systems with sufficient water supply.


We produce two kinds of chemical storage tank; one for AdBlue and another for other chemicals that are commonly used in large quantities. AdBlue is used in the automotive industry to improve emissions in diesel vehicles. Other chemicals often stored in storage tanks include pesticides, preservatives, disinfectants and de-icer. Each and every enquiry that we receive regarding a chemical storage tank is checked for compatibility before any other steps are taken.


Other types of storage tank are also beneficial. For example, farms need to store food and bedding, molasses require specialist containers and we even produce bespoke sheds and dog kennels here at Tuffa Tanks.

While this article is a brief overview of the products we provide, we do welcome bespoke enquiries too. For more information, please have a look at the type of tank you may require and contact us in the first instance for advice.