1350SLBFP Fire Protected Oil Tank

We’ve all seen big fires in the news. A fuel tank explodes and firemen have to put their lives at risk extinguishing the blaze. Accidents do happen, even at heavy industrial sites. Yet as a site manager, you can take precautions to limit the damage and above all, reduce the loss of life with fire protected tanks.

You might need to store diesel or flammable chemicals on site. Well, put them in a bunded, fire protected tank which means that you’ll meet legal standards for looking after these dangerous materials. You won’t need to build walls around it. You can also place it wherever is most convenient for your work. What’s more, our tanks prevent you from overfilling, and the gauge tells you how full the tank already is. In other words, fire protected tanks are a safety feature making your work easier.

Furthermore, the cover feature shields the tank from rainwater. This makes sure that what you’re storing inside doesn’t get diluted, which protects your machinery, and it prevents site contamination, which is important for meeting environmental guidelines. It also saves you time and money cleaning up the site around the tank, and reduces the risk of leaked fuel catching fire.

We at Tuffa produce a range of tanks for the safe storage of your fuel and can cater for 1150 litres to 15000 litres. They also come with locks. This is essential, considering thefts of red diesel from farmers, and heating oil from homes, yet the lock also allows easy access to those with the key. That means junior workers won’t leave it unlocked because they consider it too much of a hassle to secure.

The fire protected tanks are also defended from rust and the damaging effects of sunlight. That means you can buy it once, and perhaps never need to replace it. It might even outlive you, unless you’re also protected from sunshine or disintegration.

The sixty minute fire protection ensures people and livestock can get to safety while you call the emergency services. You can even get the tanks in a range of colours. Try fire warning red, or perhaps you might want a tank in your brand colours – it’s all possible with Tuffa.