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As an acclaimed purveyor of liquid storage and dispensing solutions for well over two decades, Tuffa works hard to cater for the most specific customer requirements with a truly comprehensive range of storage tanks and associated accessories. One of the most basic questions that you will ever have to ask yourself in purchasing a storage tank, however, is whether you want that tank to be a bunded or instead single skin solution.

We boast an extensive range of bunded fuel tanks here at Tuffa, with the term ‘bund’ referring to a ‘tank within a tank’ solution, or a tank with two walls. While the inner tank stores the liquid, the outer tank encases the inner layer, providing extra protection against any potential for spillage or leakage. With the outer tank holding 110% of the inner tank’s capacity, even in the unlikely event of the inner layer leaking, no fuel will leave the tank.

Bunded fuel tanks are therefore very popular as means of avoiding groundwater pollution, and when you choose such a tank from Tuffa, you can be assured of compliance with the Environmental Agency’s guidelines. Bunding also gives you more freedom with regard to where you have the tank located on your property. Bunded tanks are even now compulsory for certain types of property.

However, Tuffa also offers an impressive selection of single skin plastic tanks for those applications where there is no need for a bunded tank.

Single skin tanks from Tuffa also offer such advantages as light weight, ease of installation and UV stabilisation, while also requiring very little maintenance. You can even choose from a wide range of colour options and capacities, the latter from 1,350 litres to 20,000 litres.

However, in deciding whether to opt for a single skin or bunded tank, you should always have a risk assessment undertaken by a suitably qualified engineer. There are certain circumstances in which a bunded tank will absolutely need to be installed, such as you require a tank capacity of more than 25,000 litres or the tank is to be located within 10 metres of controlled water.

Ask our experts at Tuffa if you are in any doubt about your exact requirements from a storage tank, and we will be happy to guide you through your options.