We supply de-icer chemical tanks to airports to help ground crews keep planes safe and in the air even when temperatures are below freezing.

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Tuffa specialises in Chemical tank manufacture for this sector, specifically supplying de-icer tanks to all major UK airports.

We produce large scale de-icer containers out of polyethylene. We are now one of the leading manufacturers for bulk de-icer distribution systems.

Our containers will enable the efficient defrosting and de-icing of both aeroplanes and runways. Storing large quantities of the de-icing agent is imperative and this can be on hand to allow for immediate use via a Tuffa storage container.

Benefits of using a Tuffa de-icer storage tank:

• Bunded to prevent spillage
• Tried and field tested system
• Interlinking available to increase capacity
• Manoeuvrable when empty
• Reliable and durable measuring and dispensing equipment
• Tanks can be fitted with a steel armco protection barrier for extra security and protection from bumping/collisions

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