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England’s drought has officially spread to the Midlands and the south-west, and could last until Christmas or later, the Environment Agency has warned.

Amid fears England could suffer its worst water shortages since 1976, the agency has already formally declared the south-east of England, East Anglia and parts of Yorkshire to be in drought, while seven water companies have announced temporary hose pipe ban.

If you want to save money, why not start with your monthly water bills. There is enough rainfall  here in the UK to store our own rainwater and with a Tuffa Tank we can help you collect and store this water easily and efficiently.

At present you only seem to be able to buy small water butts approximately 30 gallons, but Tuffa’s Big Butt’s solution offers a starting range of 300 gallons (1350 litres) of Rainwater Harvesting capacity and up to 4400 gallons (20000 litres). This enables a large enough capacity to water a lawn and wash the car, with no threat of a fine regarding hose pipe bans.


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