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Earth Day falls on April 22nd every year, and events take place around the world to highlight and address climate change, as well as making plans to sustain and protect the Earth in the years to come. Starting life in 1970, Earth Day has been very successful in raising awareness about the issues in the wider world that we live in and have even brought about changes regarding Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species.

Here at Tuffa Tanks, we are a business that relies and thrives on activity relating to the use of fossil fuels, but more increasingly, we manufacture bunded fuel tanks that are for use with biofuel, too.

Climate Change

The greenhouse gases that surround Earth keep our planet warm and keep out the cold of space and the universe. Part of the driving force behind the greenhouse gases that blanket our humble little planet is CO2. The burning of fossil fuels releases excess CO2, which works its way up to the greenhouse gases, and in turn, makes the world a lot warmer: aka global warming.

In a bid to stop this, there has been a worldwide effort to reduce CO2 emissions. One of the best ways to do this is by using biofuel to heat your home, power your business and run your vehicles. In order to achieve this, bunded fuel tanks are one of the safest options on the market today.

Make a Difference

Biofuel is creating using biological processes rather than through the formation of petroleum and other fossil fuels. More often than not, biofuels are made from natural products, such as vegetable oils and plants, and are a reliable, renewable source of energy for the world. All vehicles and homes that require diesel will run just as straightforwardly on biodiesel, without the need for any modifications.

While we need to heat our homes and businesses, run our cars and much more, there will always be an alternative method of getting this done by using renewable sources instead of adding to the detriment of the world.

Whether you make a change for a day, or for a lifetime, you can make a difference this Earth Day by doing your bit to minimise climate change. Make the change the world needs, and start utilising renewable energy.

For more information on our bunded fuel tanks and how they can help you achieve your green goals, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss your needs and the options available to you.