My Work experience week

Hi I’m Frankie and I have been doing my work experience at Tuffa for this past week. I go to Granville School and I chose to do my work experience here because it would improve my IT skills and many other various skills. At school I chose business studies, in a way it is the same as this job (Tuffa Tanks).

Its similar because both require the use of a computer. In business studies I learn about:

. Gaps in the market

. Six thinking hats

. Qualitative and Quantitative

I have also learnt about

Non-financial VS Financial objectives.

This business doesn’t just make tanks. There is a lot of work involved.

For example:

Office work

Taking calls


Finding customers


Getting orders…

Over the past week I have done a variety of different jobs like:

Phone calls: When I first had to make a phone call it was scary but once I had done one I was fine after. I had to ask for peoples email addresses.

Filing: I did a lot of filing and although some people don’t like it, I do because everything is then neat and tidy.

Inputting: I have been inputting things on the companies database and setting call backs etc..

Also TWITTER: I have tweeted at least once a day (please check out twitter page)

I have done various other things:

. Cutting

. Folding

. Envelopes

. Researching different companies

I think I have achieved a lot during this week although it has been long hours and tiring but it has taught me how real work is and that it is not all that fun and games. You can’t mess about.

Thanks for reading!