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When we receive enquiries here at Tuffa about our plastic oil tanks, we don’t just field questions about the suitability of plastic tanks versus steel tanks – both being offered by us – or even merely more technical queries relating to safe and legal oil storage. What many of our customers actually ask, is what makes our plastic oil tanks the standout offerings in their field above the equivalent storage tanks offered by other companies.

Well beyond our several decades’ experience in liquid storage and dispensing equipment, there are many sound reasons to choose Tuffa plastic oil tanks over the competition. That aforementioned experience certainly lends itself well to our extensive oil tank range, for instance, presently including bunded heating oil tanks, bunded diesel tanks, multi compartment tanks, fire protected tanks, waste oil tanks, single skin tanks and biodiesel tanks.

These plastic oil tanks have a series of advantages in common with the rest of our plastic liquid storage range, from light weight, durability and ease of transportation to corrosion resistance, UV stabilisation and manufacture from recyclable polyethylene. Bunded tanks are available that guard against the risks of leakage or overfilling, and there is also the option of having bespoke fire protection factory fitted.

By perusing our individual ranges of plastic oil tanks, you can soon discover many of the more specialised perks that could apply to your own next tank. Our bunded heating oil tanks, for instance, offer all of the strength and reliability that is necessary for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications, also meeting and exceeding all current UK oil storage regulations.

Those investing in a plastic heating oil tank from Tuffa can specify a capacity as low as 1,350 litres or as high as 15,000 litres, such optional extras as high accuracy gauges, custom outlet positioning, high security enhancements and even alternative colours all being available. Our bunded diesel tanks, meanwhile, are able to be specified with such optional extras as a hose reel, fuel management system and replacement filter elements.

We also offer single skin tanks that, even at their most basic, incorporate the likes of a 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, alongside a vent, inspection lid and float level gauge. Or if you purchase a plastic biodiesel tank from us, a lockable hinged flip lid, digital flowmeter and 4m of delivery hose and automatic shut off nozzle are among the as-standard features.

It is difficult to conceive of any other UK company that could bring the customer so many specification features for plastic oil tanks – certainly not with design, development and manufacture all being performed in-house, as it is here in Staffordshire. Contact Tuffa now about the plastic oil tank that will cater for even your most specialised requirements.