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Given Tuffa’s reputation for liquid storage solutions that are dependable, innovative and even competitively priced, it seems only logical that we have become a go-to company for the complete range of tanks – including many of the most specialised nature. One could order almost any plastic or steel storage tank from this Uttoxeter-based industry leader and benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced specifications.

Here at Tuffa, we are constantly aspiring to add to the convenience and peace of mind of your storage tank ownership experience, with our attention to detail having also made us the best supplier to which to turn for a fire protected tank. The Tuffa FireStop oil tank is so much more than the only system on its kind presently on sale, although that alone is a major selling point, a fire barrier being fitted integrally to our already acclaimed plastic and steel tanks.

One might invest in a fire protected tank from us simply due to a need for the highest standard of fire protection, and sure enough, we give you an option of 30 minute or 60 minute protection of your stored fluids against the flames. However, our FireStop tanks also address many other practical needs. They are available in a generous range of capacities, for instance, from 1,150 litres to 15,000 litres, and are suitable for all manner of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Choosing a fire protected tank from Tuffa also means benefitting from the ultimate ease of installation, with no brickwork, barriers or firewalls needing to be erected on-site. This means that the tank can be immediately and conveniently installed, with no concerns about additional site costs. Then, there is the impressive specification of Tuffa’s FireStop tanks to consider, incorporating such features as a 2″ BSP fill point, remote reading gauge, 1″ BSP bottom outlet and assorted optional extras.

All-important for many customers of our FireStop tanks is their compliance with Building Regulations, as well as the fire barrier’s construction from high quality fire retardant material. The tank can also be sited next to boundaries, buildings, windows and structures… in short, anywhere where there is a need for the fire protected storage of oil. All in all, Tuffa’s fire protected tanks are not only effective, but cost-effective, making them the complete solution for safe liquid storage.