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Those clients of Tuffa that find the company an easy choice of supplier of fuel tanks on account of its high reputation for innovative tank design and manufacture, as well as its professional and personable service, may need to spend rather more time determining whether a plastic or steel tank is best suited to their needs. Whatever the industry for which the fuel tank is being purchased – be it industrial, agricultural or transport – the right understanding of the advantages of the respective materials is vital.

Frequently, the fuel tanks that Tuffa clients purchase are plastic ones, given their lightweight and durable nature, ease of transportation and competitive pricing. These fuel tanks are made from recyclable virgin material, with their bunded construction warding off the possibility of leakage and overfilling. The plastic fuel tanks of Tuffa are corrosion resistant, UV stabilised and fully lockable, ensuring longevity, durability and security in equal measure, while they can also be specified in various colours and interlinked in the event of larger capacities being required. Finally, they can also be dispatched quickly and factory fitted with Tuffa’s bespoke fire protection.

Whereas Tuffa offers a wealth of standard plastic fuel tanks, whenever steel tanks are mentioned, it tends to be in reference to more bespoke options. Whatever the client requires, and irrespective of their industry and the specific site for which a tank may be needed, they can request the manufacture of storage solutions to their own required dimensions, taking advantage of considerable design versatility. Only high quality steel is used in the manufacture of these tanks, with only premium ancillary equipment being fitted.

The expected serviceable life of each of Tuffa’s steel fuel tanks exceeds 30 years with regular maintenance, while compliance with the regulations is ensured by a minimum 110 per cent bund capacity. There are even various steel finishes and colours to choose from – and like the aforementioned plastic tanks, Tuffa’s steel tanks can also be factory fitted with the company’s bespoke fire protection. From diesel dispensing tanks for agricultural, domestic, commercial and industrial applications to AdBlue storage and dispensing tanks, the latter including tanks with a plastic inner and steel outer, Tuffa takes pride in its broad selection of plastic and steel fuel tanks.

This is particularly the case given a complement of optional extras that encompasses 8 metre hose reels, auto operation nozzle holsters, fuel management systems, high accuracy electronics contents gauges, replacement filter elements and more. It all helps to ensure that the fuel tanks that a given client buys from Tuffa are an exact match to their individual needs – and the responsive and professional Tuffa customer service team is happy to speak to any new or returning client in detail about these requirements.