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We have long taken great pride, here at Tuffa, in ensuring that the customers of our fuel management systems and other storage tank solutions benefit from the most formidable specification of tank for their desired application. That is manifested not only across the standard specifications of our tanks, but also the frequently lengthy optional extras lists.

Ordering a tank from Tuffa doesn’t just amount to choosing between plastic or steel and benefitting from a high level of durability and functionality. That’s because such a tank can also sport such vital features and optional extras as a 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, 1″ bottom outlet, overfill prevention valve, a higher accuracy contents gauge and 30 minutes or 60 minutes of fire protection.

But what happens when some of these valuable storage tank features go wrong? Thankfully, Tuffa is also known for its exceptionally high level of customer support. Not only do we publish extremely useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our site, but we can also guide you with regard to the latest regulations that apply to your given storage tank and point you towards further useful links.

Specific problems encountered by some of our customers include a pump that fails to run, this issue potentially being caused by the tripping of the thermal overload. Should this occur to you, you’ll find the relevant button to press on the pump control box. You should also check the tightness of the electrical connections if you are encountering this particular issue.

Similarly, your pump may be running, but failing to dispense fuel, which may be due to an air lock from first and subsequent fills. Alternatively, the pump may have just run dry. It’s a problem that can be solved while the pump is running by slightly undoing the filter to release any air, or slightly undoing the connection at the nozzle. Meanwhile, if your pump is running but there is a reduced flow rate, it’s worth inspecting the filter element for a blockage and replacing if necessary.

Customers also approach us with such problems as their flowmeter being out of calibration or the watchman gauge reading incorrectly, if it shows a reading at all. To address these and/or other issues with your tank, simply consult our detailed FAQs section for instructions or directly contact a friendly and professional member of the Tuffa team, either online or over the phone, for suitably tailored advice.