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Storage. Something that is needed for almost everything out there that needs to be contained, amidst all the things we accumulate in a lifetime. Here at Tuffa, we think we all underestimate how much we rely on storage, though, so we’ve put together some common uses of storage below.

Clothes, belongings, worldly possessions

Of course, we all need somewhere to store our belongings and essentials. Wardrobes, shelves, cabinets, drawers, boxes and baskets are a few of many things people use to store their belongings in. Under-bed or hidden storage is now a popular choice for those who are compromised in terms of space. Upon moving house, storage boxes are often used, as well as self-storage space solutions.  And, let’s not forget, the use of handbags for storage and the (now 5p a bag) plastic storage bags used when purchasing groceries.


Any business or manufacturer needs to store their equipment and retail product somewhere. Warehouses are a common storage solution for this, along with truck containers transporting the goods from store to store. All industries need storage.


In this day and age, data storage is a popular preference. With a majority of the population going digital, it seems the world and its people prefer to store their lives on hard drives and memory cards. Gone are the days of paperwork, shredding, filing and archives – not to mention paper cuts! Even a smartphone seems to be able to hold a person’s whole life on it; where would we be without today’s technology, huh?


Liquid storage is something of a must and liquid can not be held or transferred without sufficient container storage. Be it water, fuel, oil, gas or even chemicals,  it needs to be stored somewhere. And that somewhere needs to be tough and of precise quality.

And where would be better to look than Tuffa Tanks? We have a large range of factory fitted tanks and, of course, bespoke, custom tanks, too. These can be designed specifically for your company’s needs and all are of the highest standards, so why would you look any further? It goes without saying that we are proud of our competitive prices and speedy despatch times, too.

So whether you are looking for a bunded fuel tank, water storage tank, chemical, adblue or any other type of tank, browse our website for further information. Alternatively,  give one of our friendly team a call today and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.