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When you are the UK’s number 1 manufacturer of storage tanks, you have the responsibility, as industry leaders, to not only design and produce the highest quality, innovative products but also to ensure they suit the needs of our many varied clients and customers. There are many different types of storage tank on offer with, and this is our ultimate guide to our range.

The main types of storage tank that we offer are plastic and steel oil tanks, steel and plastic water tanks, chemical, Adblue and miscellaneous tanks. While, on the surface, many of these tanks might appear similar, they are designed around the products they are for use with to ensure they remain safe, secure and under control.

It goes without saying that all of our tanks adhere to the regulations and standards that are required of them.  All tanks are manufactured in-house by Tuffa, and all are made with care to safeguard the industries we supply.

Oil Tanks

Our oil tanks come in a range of styles and designs, including bunded tanks, multi-compartment tanks, single-skin tanks and are available in either plastic or steel, dependant on your needs. For example, our bunded steel tanks are great for ensuring any leaks don’t result in a loss of product, or damage the environment. Similarly, our plastic waste oil tanks are a safe way of storing by-products and waste, without harming your surroundings.

Water Tanks

Storage for water largely depends on the use. We have potable and non-potable storage solutions to ensure that any water for consumption is stored correctly and safely. We also manufacture rainwater harvesting tanks for people that want to make the most of this natural resource.

Chemical Tanks

Many of our clients need storage for all kinds of chemicals, such as de-icer, anti-freeze, pesticides and fertilisers. For these customers, we need to produce a specialist storage container, which can safely house the chemicals within.

In addition to the above types of storage tank, we also make water bowsers, feed stores, kennels and storage cabinets, for ad-hoc storage needs.

Whatever your need, we have a design and style to suit, so head on over to our website and see how we can help you today. Please get in touch should you require any further assistance.