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If your company uses a lot of petrol, it might make sense to buy the stuff in advance and store it in a fuel tank. It may be convenient to do so if you have several large vehicles that return to a central point for refuelling, as with construction vehicles or maintenance cars on a large site. Handily, Tuffa has petrol tanks as part of its range, and they are the only such tanks made in Britain – so you can feel good about helping the UK economy while you do business with us.

The tanks are compliant with all UK laws and make for a very secure above ground storage system. There are several options that may suit your needs. The smallest is the petrol caddy, which can be taken to a local petrol station. It is fully protected from the risk of blazes, and has a system for dissipating electrical currents that could otherwise present a hazard. The top of the container is opened with hydraulics and has a formidable lock. Designed with regular usage in mind, it has a base that permits a fork lift truck to raise it from the floor.

This fuel tank has an expected working life of 30 years and can cope with the UK weather. You can also easily see how much fuel is inside it.

The largest fuel tank in this category is for storing petrol spirit. It can hold a whopping 2500 litres, in addition to offering excellent protection from fire. In fact, the tank provides safety from half an hour’s worth of fire and heat. The vents are fireproof for a full two hours as well. Again the unit is protected by a padlock, and you can gauge how much is entering the tank at any time.

You can also feel at ease having such a store on your site. The fuel tank has warning signs against smoking or bringing an unshielded flame near it. There are also guidelines for using it safely attached to the tank, which has a robust design that should last for 30 years of service – provided that the usual checks are made.