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At a time when the broad range of customers who require storage tanks do not only need them to be dependable and incorporate the latest technology for liquid dispensing, but also require the ultimate in pollution control and environmental friendliness, it’s easy to see why multi compartment tanks like those manufactured by Tuffa have burgeoned in popularity.

Our customers frequently enquire about our bunded multi compartment tanks in the knowledge that they are not merely the most practical day-to-day solutions for storing fuel, but also comply with the latest industry legislation. There are so many requirements that our customers could possibly have that they can be assured of being fulfilled when they purchase one of our tanks in this range. These tanks incorporate the most advanced manufacturing techniques, while also storing fuel in a way that is both secure and in accordance with regulations.

As is so often the case with Tuffa liquid storage solutions, our multi compartment tanks also come in a broad selection of dual and even bespoke triple capacities. They are also all supplied complete and ready to use, only requiring a hard standing flat concrete base and the customer’s final electrical connection. Buyers of our multi compartment tanks can also look forward to a generous specification, two submersible pumping units being fitted to every one of our dual fuel stations.

Each customer of our dual compartment tanks has no need to separately buy such items as a pump, flowmeter, delivery hose, automatic shutoff nozzle, filtration, gauge, bund and overfill devices, nor a lockable security cabinet, all of these vital features already being included. However, there are still many optional extras that can be specified, ranging from a 12V/24V external pump and extended delivery hose to a cabinet light and key switch, the latter for enabling and disabling the pump.

Although we stock many plastic multi compartment tanks, we are also pleased to be able to offer steel tanks enabling the storage of two or more liquids within one system. We manufacture steel multi compartment tanks on a bespoke basis for those customers with particular concerns about having sufficient space to store the fluids that they need to store.

These steel tanks are available for various industries, have compartments that can be filled with or without dispensing equipment and feature – for added protection – a bund consisting of at least 110% of the inner tank volume. Such specifications are another demonstration of Tuffa’s commitment to meeting the most demanding customer needs through its manufacture of the highest quality fuel storage tanks.