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Traditionally, at this time of year we look forward to spring and warmer weather. However, with the current spate of bad weather, colder than usual temperatures and flurries of snow across the country, local councils and authorities need to delve into their storage tanks to start gritting the roads once more.

The decision by the UK Met Office to name this bad stormy weather was an attempt to raise awareness of the weather conditions that our country faces and how often, as well as providing safety assistance for the public and businesses across the country.

Understanding the weather we face in this way allows for better road safety management and action plans to be put into place. Councils up and down the country have been stocking up their storage tanks of road grit and salt, airports have ordered plenty of anti-freeze and transport services can stay on top of situations as they arise.

Here at Tuffa Tanks, we want you, the public, to be aware of how the weather will affect your day to day life. We do suggest that you consult your local authority for any action plans in your area, but there are always wheels in motion to ensure that you stay safe on the roads.

When it comes to gritting, roads are split into primary, secondary and tertiary routes, to best assess the need for increased salting.

Primary routes tend to include major A roads, B roads that are used heavily, the busiest bus routes and roads that link towns and villages, as well as the emergency services. The roads are treated day and night, with 24-hour coverage where necessary.

Secondary routes tend to be covered once a day. This includes bus routes, main routes through residential areas and villages not covered on the primary route.

Tertiary routes include villages that are the most isolated and ensure there is, at least, one route in and out for residents. This route will also cover industrial areas where possible.

Every effort is made to ensure that snow and ice are cleared from pavements, footpaths and cycle paths, in a similar fashion to the roads.

With stocked up storage tanks awaiting, ready and good to go, your local council and authorities will be well prepared to deal with any weather eventualities.

For more information on our storage tank solutions, please visit our website or contact us to see if we can help you find the most suitable tank for your needs.