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Tuffa FireStop is a system of our own design that has been engineered to be integrated into our fire protected tanks. These tanks are exceptionally safe and the technology has been fitted around them to create a fire protection solution that requires no costly, bothersome and time-consuming construction of barriers or firewalls.

We created our fire protected storage tanks because we discovered that an estimated 60% of tanks currently installed are non-compliant with building regulations, meaning owners are put at legal, financial and even physical risk. We worked hard to make our tanks affordable but effective, so that people can make themselves safe from these dangers at a minimum of cost. The simple but effective nature of our FireStop protected tanks means that you can install the tank easily or have an existing steel tank factory fitted with the technology, and placed exactly back where it was.

Our tanks are fitted with dual barriers, providing an actual fire barrier as well as enclosing the tank in a non-combustible and fire retardant material, which has been independently tested to BS476. This means that our tanks, and those tanks fitted with our technology, are totally compliant with safety regulations. The barriers have received national approval for domestic and non-domestic application from the Local Authority Building Control. We are proud to have supplied them to commercial, domestic and industrial customers, as well as to local and national government projects.

We offer a range of fire protected tanks in a variety of shapes and capacities, each supplied with your choice of either 30 or 60 minutes of fire protection. Two rectangular models are available with capacities of either 1350L or 2500L, as well as five circular models with capacities ranging from 1400L to a staggering 15,000L. In addition to FireStop technology, these tanks are UV stabilised, corrosion-resistant and provided with a covered bund to help eliminate the possibility of water and debris build-up.

Tuffa is a leading innovator in tank design. We don’t just want to supply the best tanks of today, we want to supply the best tanks of tomorrow. The development of our FireStop technology is just one of the ways we’re accomplishing this goal. Contact us today for more information.