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Anyone who is rightly concerned about the implications of fire coming into contact with their oil storage tanks will have good reason to investigate the complete range of fire protected tanks of the Uttoxeter company, Tuffa. The firm’s FireStop system, after all, has already won particular acclaim for its compliance with building regulations and ease of installation, the latter helped by the lack of any need for brickwork, barriers or firewalls to be erected on-site.

However, while many of our new and long-time customers alike may be aware of how FireStop fits integrally onto a plastic tank – making it unique among its market rivals – they may not know about the option to have it factory fitted to a steel tank. Many of the same advantages are offered by our steel fire protected tanks as the plastic alternatives, their bunding ensuring a good standard of protection for the environment, while they are also quick and easy to install and can be fitted in a convenient location.

One only has to peruse the complete selection of Tuffa steel fire protected tanks to get a better sense of those advantages. The full range of capacities stretches from 900 litres to 200,000 litres, with even the lesser of those offering such specification benefits as a 2″ BSP fill point complete with cap and chain, located on top of the tank, where there is also a float level gauge and electronic level gauge. An overfill prevention valve and channel runners can also be specified.

This is without even considering such available optional extras as a tank pack consisting of a 1″ to 1/2″ adaptor, ball valve and filter, as well as a small security fill point cabinet with hinged door for housing all appropriate equipment. Also available are various bespoke cabinet types and alternative colours to the standard Green in which our steel fire protection tanks are ordinarily primed and painted. Then, of course, there is the fire protection itself, available with a 30 minute or 60 minute fire rating.

All the while, such a steel tank continues to offer the customary Tuffa advantages of manufacture from only high quality mild steel, a minimum 110% bund capacity for regulatory compliance and design versatility to suit almost every site requirement. Talk to Tuffa today about fire protection tanks, made from both plastic and steel to the most discerning and specific customer requirements.